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Project and performance management

Do we have an effective approach for delivery of change and monitoring of progress towards our planned objectives?

Welcome to project and performance management, one of the eight components of the Change Model

The evidence suggests that an effective approach for the delivery of change and the monitoring of progress towards planned objectives are essential to making that change a reality.

A proven portfolio programme, or project and performance management approach will increase the likelihood that changes will deliver the planned benefits, because accountabilities are shared and clear, and the scale and pace of improvement is enhanced. 

A project and performance management approach requires discipline and focus and is not optional. It provides greater financial and quality control of the change to deliver benefits of strategic importance. Without project and performance management other elements of the Change Model will fail.

Resources to support this component - project and performance management

National Audit Office guide on initiating successful projects

A report published by the National Audit Office illustrating key characteristics for the initiation of successful projects through their findings from across the public sector including health. The guide highlights different approaches and suggestions related to initiation of projects, from a number of organisations.

Cabinet Office programme and project management resources

A number of resources derived by the Cabinet Office including common causes of project failure across health and other sectors of the public sector. This resource includes a checklist of skills for the key individuals involved in the delivery of change.

NHS case studies

A number of case studies that highlight elements of project and performance management that have been successfully implemented and applied in NHS organisations.

Case Study

For a case study examining how Health Services and Local Councils can collaborate more effectively please see the article examining how Birmingham have successfully integrated their Council and Health services. 

Since 2006 Birmingham City Council have been using their own Business Change Method across their organisation.