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Gyles Glover

Sebastian Fox

Autism self-assessment framework 2014 - results

The Autism Self-Assessment Exercise 2014 was the third national exercise to look at the progress being made in implementing the Adult Autism Strategy. Local authorities were asked to co-ordinate local responses, but were asked to seek views from local partners, particularly health care partners, and including people with autism and their families. Questions covered broadly the same areas as the 2013 exercise. In a number of cases questions were modified slightly, or additional questions added, for clarification. This link will find the responses to the 2013 exercise

One hundred and forty-nine local authorities submitted responses that were included in the analysis.

The background to the exercise can be found here. A list of questions asked about the exercise can be accessed here.

The findings of the exercise are published on this page in various formats. Here you can download reports on the main themes drawn from the responses to the questions, a collection of personal stories, a review version of the data and PDFs of local authorities’ returns, and a set of presentation slides for each government office region area. This year four new questions were added offering an opportunity for local authorities to describe briefly developments they had made in response to Think Autism, services locally considered successful and how they were spending the new funds made available as part of the launch of Think Autism. Summaries of responses are included in the main response but in addition we are providing a full set of the responses to these questions in spreadsheet format.

1. Detailed report and thematic analysis

In this report we present the detailed findings for each question with some indications of the changes since the 2013 responses where appropriate.

The detailed report can be downloaded here.

2. Personal stories

This document presents the stories which were submitted as part of the self-assessment exercise. Some stories are the words of people with autism. Others were clearly written by carers or advocates either about their own experiences, or on behalf of people with autism.

Stories are grouped into broad themes and edited where necessary to ensure anonymisation. Otherwise they are presented as submitted to us.

The personal stories report can be downloaded here.

3. Local good practice

This spreadsheet contains the responses to the local good practice questions. Some stories are the words of people with autism. Others were clearly written by carers or advocates either about their own experiences, or on behalf of people with autism.

This spreadsheet is divided into four tabs, one for each of the questions. Some of the responses were edited for readability and to protect the identification of individuals.

Local good practice

This spreadsheet contains all the submitted local good practice statements provided.

XLSX Autism self-assessment exercise 2014 local good practice supplement
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4. Review version of the responses

This spreadsheet provides all the responses, including the additional comments, by local authorities. This makes it easy to pick a question and compare the responses from different areas. Filters make it easy to select questions, regions and local authorities.


This spreadsheet contains all of the responses provided.

XLSX Ihal 2014-11 autism self-assessment framework 2014 - data
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5. Regional slides Some regional slides have been produced to support local discussions:

  • East Midlands – Autism SAF 2014 - East Midlands
  • East of England – Autism SAF 2014 - East of England
  • London – Autism SAF 2014 - London
  • North East – Autism SAF 2014 - North East
  • North West – Autism SAF 2014 - North West
  • South East – Autism SAF 2014 - South East
  • South West – Autism SAF 2014 - South West
  • West Midlands – Autism SAF 2014 - West Midlands
  • Yorkshire and the Humber – Autism SAF 2014 - Yorkshire and Humber
  • 6. Individual area files PDF versions of each local authorities returns can be downloaded are listed below.

    North East

    North West

    Yorkshire and The Humber

    East Midlands

    West Midlands

    East of England


    South East

    South West