This road project has now been completed. This page will be available for 6 months from the date of scheme completion, after which time you will only be able to access this information on The National Archive version of this page.

M56/M53 Interchange CCTV

Project status:   Completed
Region:  North West

Start date:   13 October 2014
End date:  31 March 2015

Type:   Improvement Scheme
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Improvement Scheme

Part of our programme of improvements (generally with value <£10m)

Cost:  £466,000

Managed by:   Area 10


Where was the project located?

The works were in the vicinity of the M56/M53 interchange north of Chester.

Why was the scheme needed?

The scheme was needed as there has been no CCTV coverage of the busy M56/M53 interchange due to the lack of communication transmission infrastructure in the area.  The recent introduction of a fibre network to the area enables relatively easy transmission of CCTV data between the M56/M53 interchange and the North West Regional Control Centre.

What work was carried out?

4 CCTV cameras were installed on existing structures around the interchange.

How did this benefit road users?

As part of the Pinch Point Programme, this scheme aims to:

Help to reduce daily congestion.

Reduce journey times for the travelling public.

Improve safety.

How do I find out more information ?

If you have any queries about this project you should contact the Highways Agency Information Line by emailing ha_​info@​highways.​gsi.​gov.​uk or calling 0300 123 5000.