Refugee and Asylum Forum

The Refugee and Asylum Forum was established by the Independent Chief Inspector to develop opportunities for stakeholders to engage with his office and help drive forward his inspection programme by:

  • providing regular opportunities for key asylum groups to input into the Chief Inspector’s wider inspection programme
  • ensuring key asylum groups who have strong interests in the Home Office working to the highest standards can use their knowledge and experience to suggest possible areas/themes for inspection
  • bringing their expertise and evidence about the performance of the Home Office to the group so that key asylum issues are brought to the attention of the Independent Chief Inspector.

The group is chaired by the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration. Membership of the Refugee and Asylum Forum is at the invitation of the Independent Chief Inspector and is made up of individuals and organisations operating in the asylum and refugee fields. The group will normally meet three times a year. Meeting agendas are determined by the Independent Chief Inspector, in consultation with members of the group. Approved minutes of Asylum and Refugee Forum meetings will be published on this website.

Refugee and Asylum Forum membership, terms of reference and meetings

Refugee and Asylum Forum minutes

Contact details

Refugee and Asylum Forum Secretariat,
Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration,
5th Floor, Globe House,
89 Eccleston Square,
London, SW1V 1PN

email –

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