Rail journeys across Britain have doubled in 20 years

28 January 2016

The total number of rail passenger journeys across England, Scotland and Wales has more than doubled since 1995-96, according to new figures published today by the Office of Rail and Road (ORR).

The 'Regional rail usage' statistical release shows rail travel for 11 regions across Great Britain, detailing journeys both between and within regions.

The new figures show that:

  • The number of journeys in 2014-15 increased by 4.5% from the previous year (1.3bn to 1.4bn). This is more than double the number recorded in 1995-96, which was 589.5m.
  • All regions in Britain saw an annual increase in journeys to/ from other regions, with an overall increase in journeys between regions of 4.3% from the previous year (434.8m to 453.6m). Scotland had the biggest percentage increase of 8.7% (691,000 journeys), driven in part by the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.
  • The number of journeys within London continued to rise, up 27.9m to 492.2m, a 6.0% increase from the previous year.

The statistical release and a set of infographics is available on the ORR website: http://orr.gov.uk/statistics/published-stats/statistical-releases

To access the complete data, visit: http://dataportal.orr.gov.uk/

Note: The journey numbers in Regional Usage differ from the Passenger Rail Usage (1.7bn journeys) because the origin and destination named on the ticket is classed as one journey and does not take into account any changes of train. Passenger Rail Usage statistics are based on counting each leg of the journey.

Regional usage data 2014-15 infographic