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Economic Forum - October 2014

The ONS Economic Forum is an opportunity for City analysts, business economists, media, and academic users to discuss issues relating to measuring the economy and how a range of ONS economic statistics, including GDP, prices, the labour market and the public finances, contribute to this.

Agenda (28.5 Kb Word document)

“What's new”

Highlights of the latest quarter's statistics, including

  • changes to national accounts data in Blue/Pink Books 2014

  • re-weighting of LFS data using Census 2011 figures

  • analysis published in October’s Economic Review

What's new presentation (2.25 Mb Powerpoint presentation)

“What's next”

Forthcoming developments in economic statistics, including

  • plans for development of “flow of funds” statistics

  • statistics on economic well-being

What's next presentation (523 Kb Powerpoint presentation)

"Developments in prices statistics"

 Developments in prices statistics presentation (459.5 Kb Powerpoint presentation)



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