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FOI Request: List of all the occupations noted in the UK


I'm trying to get hold of a list of all the occupations noted in the UK. Can you help me?


The latest version of the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC2010), containing a list of the jobtitles you require, is freely available on the National Statistics website (see link below ). Once you open the link the index can be found under 'downloads' on the right hand side of the web page. The file is entitled 'SOC2010 Volume 2 The coding index (excel format)'.
The index consists of an ordered list of job titles, showing the SOC2010 and SOC2000 unit groups to which the job title is classified and contains 27,966 entries. For ease of coding the job titles in the index are in reverse word order.

Volume two link

You may also be interested in SOC2010 Volume 1 which contains the SOC revision process and the ongoing process for updating SOC (sections 2,3 & 5), a brief introduction to SOC methodology (section 4), the structure (section 6) and the last section (7) gives a description of the groups (Major, Sub-major, Minor and Unit Groups) and lists the job tasks which persons classified to the group typically carry out. See link below for information on SOC2010 Volume 1.

Volume one link

If you have any further questions regarding the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) please contact

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