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Bulletin 2011/09: Notification of availability of several ONS Geography products

Bulletin 2011/09

Bulletin Released 10/11/11

Category: Geographic Products

ONS Geography has released the 2010 Ward History Database (WHD), 2010 Standard Names and Codes (SNAC) and 2010 Index of Place Names (IPN).

The WHD and SNAC are available to download as an MS Access 2002 file (MS Access 97 and 2000 are available on request) from the ONS website.

There is also an Excel spreadsheet available for both the WHD and SNAC, that does not have the interactivity of the MS Access versions.

The Ward History Database provides a history of electoral wards/divisions in England and Wales from Census Day 1991 to the end of year 2010.

The Standard Names and Codes (SNAC) database provides names and codes, including Department of Communities and Local Government and Department of Health equivalents where applicable, for a range of UK statistical geographies (as at 31 December 2010) in the following groups:

  • Administrative areas

  • Census areas (including Output Areas and Super Output Areas)

  • Electoral areas

  • Health areas

  • Other geographic areas (including NUTS areas, Registration Districts, National Parks and Travel to Work Areas)

The Index of Place Names (IPN) database is available on request as an MS Access 2002 file (MS Access 97 and 2000 are available on request).

An Excel spreadsheet is also available on request.

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