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Names, codes and legal status of UK geographic areas

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Information on names, codes and legal status of UK geographic areas.

I'd like a list of names and codes for all the counties in England. Can you help?

We maintain definitive “names and codes” files for a wide range of UK geographies.

They can be downloaded as csv files together with metadata, free of charge, from the Download Products page of the Open Geography portal.

If you are interested in seeing how different geographies relate – for example, identifying which counties fall within the South East region (former GOR) – then our lookups, also on the Open Geography portal, will provide this information.

The Code History Database (CHD) is also a useful place for names and codes listings, as it contains lookups between the old-style coding and the new nine character coding.

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Should I refer to 'Medway' or 'Medway Towns'?

Whether checking how a particular local authority name is spelt, or verifying an area code, our names and codes files contain both present and historic information.

The Code History Database (CHD) provides the definitive area names and codes used by us, the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) and the Department of Health (DH).

You should use our names and codes where possible, as these are the recognised standard for National Statistics, but there may be cases when you need to use the alternatives.

In this particular case the ONS standard name is 'Medway', but 'Medway Towns' is used by DH.

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