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Advisory Group Papers

This series of papers provides a comprehensive overview of the planning and conduct of the 2001 Census. Each paper provided up to date information at the time is was presented to the Advisory Groups. The recommendations or proposals in the earliest papers may not necessarily have been carried forward, so the most recent papers give the most up to date information on any topic.
  • General

    Papers detailing general topics, including international census efforts and the Advisory Groups' Terms of Reference

  • Statistical Development

    Advisory Group Papers covering statistical and methodological development of the 2001 Census

  • Legislation

    Papers discussing issues with preparing the legislative framework for the census

  • Population Bases

    Advisory Group Papers discussing the definitions and the development of the population base used for the 2001 Census

  • Question Selection and Testing

    Advisory Group Papers discussing the topic of developing and testing the questions and topics for the census

  • Operational/Field Procedures

    Papers discussing actions and plans for field operations

  • Processing

    Advisory Group Papers detailing the plans and timetables for processing the 2001 Census

  • Data Quality

    Advisory group papers discussing data quality issues

  • Output

    Papers dealing with topics relating to output, including user consultation and output design

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