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Well-being: what the programme includes

The ONS Measuring National Well-being programme aims to produce accepted and trusted measures of the well-being of the nation – how the UK as a whole is doing. It is about looking at “GDP and beyond” and includes:

  • greater analysis of the national economic accounts, especially to understand household income, expenditure and wealth

  • further accounts linked to the national accounts, including the UK environmental accounts and valuing household production and “human capital”

  • quality-of-life measures, looking at different areas of national well-being such as health, relationships, job satisfaction, economic security, education, environmental conditions

  • working with others to include the measurement of the well-being of children and young people as part of national well-being

  • measures of “subjective well-being” – individuals' assessment of their own well-being

  • headline indicators to summarise national well-being and the progress we are making as a society

The programme is underpinned by a communication and engagement workstream, providing links with Cabinet Office and policy departments, international developments, the public and other stakeholders. The programme is working closely with Defra on the measurement of “sustainable development” to provide a complete picture of national well-being, progress and sustainable development.

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