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Methodology Directorate Strategic Directions 2010 to 2013

Our aim (what MD will do)

Our aim is to raise trust in official statistics through the promotion and support of fit for purpose statistical and survey methods and the development of statistical capability. 

Methodology Directorate will:

1. take the lead role in supporting the National Statistician on quality and good practice in relation to official statistics.

2. provide leadership and support on statistical design, methods, tools, and quality across official statistics.

3. support development of fit for purpose statistics, for the future as well as for the present.

4. lead work in helping the business to reduce costs.

5. provide training, consultancy and geography services to producers of official statistiics and analysis.

6. lead in Information Security practice, driving ONS' information assurance capability.

Our role (how MD will do it)

Our role is to:

1. serve primarily ONS but also the GSS, covering all official statistics.  Much of the latter is infrastructure development - such as classifications - developed by ONS for the GSS through GSS Statistical Policy and Standards Committee and led by the National Statistician.  More specific support is on a cost recovery basis. 

2. provide the central expertise in statistical and survey methodology, geography and legal services.  Business areas will only undertake methodology work (recognising that there are other expert areas such as National Accounts methods elsewhere in ONS) when this has been agreed with Methodology Directorate.

3. develop statistical tools, processes and practices. Promote their use but not manage statistical operations.

4. research and develop new methods to cope with the challenges we face (including analytical tools).

5. advise on best methods and then quality assure work done in business areas. 

6. ensure that Design principles are followed and build systems that have a longer term value to the office or have a broader statistical validity.  There may on occasions be a different view from that of business areas but it is important that these differences are recognised and resolved.

7. develop and maintain our quality strategy (ie the ONS approach to quality assurance and reporting, etc).

8. deliver statistical training centrally, drawing on relevant expertise across the office and ensuring trainers are trained and keep up to date on techniques.

9. devote time to keeping our professional skills up to date through our own development and collaboration with academics and other NSIs.

10. develop our staff's wider competencies through a full range of activities (learning, mentoring, coaching etc) to realise their potential within both MD and ONS.

11. develop and maintain our Information Assurance strategy, providing central expertise on Information Security.

12. be as efficient and effective as we can in the delivery of our service.

Our key drivers (why MD will do it)

Our drivers are:

  • the drive for efficiencies
  • the priorities of customers, domestic and European
  • providing a range of services and support for Census 2011
  • supporting the GSS and the creation of the Methodology Advisory Service
  • the Code of Practice including supporting assessment
  • our own view of priorities for statistical development
  • the need to build capacity in Titchfield and Newport following relocation
  • the need to develop and demonstrate statistical leadership in ONS
  • providing “best of breed” Information Security practices, balancing the impact on operations
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