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Urban Audit V


Urban Audit V (UAV) started in 2012 and the results will be published on the Eurostat website from 2013 onwards.  ONS is coordinating the work on behalf of the United Kingdom. 

Prior to the start of UAV Eurostat undertook a review into the Urban Audit, with input from Member States. The review concluded that the data collected so far had become a significant source of information for important policy decisions by the European Union, but that some aspects should be reviewed in order to make the collection efficient and in line with current policies. As a result, a number of improvements were made, including:  

  • a revised list of indicators (based on policy relevance and availability).

  • a consistent list of cities based on objective criteria.

  • a consistent spatial definition of cities.

  • a streamlined data collection structure.

  • a commitment to increase awareness of urban statistics.

UAV data will be collected over three reference years. The main reference year is 2011 (exhaustive audit, covering 187 variables), with a subset of data being collected for 2010 and 2012 (annual audits, covering 78 variables). The variables encompass a wide range of subject areas including Demography, Health, Crime, Training and Education, Economic, the Environment, Travel and Transport and Culture and Recreation.

Urban Audit now covers over 800 cities across the EU-28 (plus Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Turkey), 163 of which are in the UK. There are four spatial levels:

  • Cities – the core urban area (local authority).

  • Larger Urban Zones – the functional urban zone around the core city (groups of local authorities).

  • Greater Cities – where the urban zone extends beyond the core city (groups of local authorities).

  • Sub City Districts – sub-division of the core city (Middle Super Output Areas for England and Wales, Intermediate Zones in Scotland and Super Output Areas in Northern Ireland).

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