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UK Centre for the Measurement of Government Activity (UKCeMGA) Consultations

Consultation - Measuring growth in the volume of input to general practise services

This consultation focuses on the measurement of growth in the input to public service general practice. The methods paper published on 30 March detailed the proposed new method and this consultation paper specifies the consultation question.

The consultation closes on 6 September 2010

Consultation - Measuring performance in our public services

The UK Centre for the Measurement of Government Activity (UKCeMGA) ran three consultations from September 2006 to April 2007. These were based on the best methodologies to take forward the measurement of performance in our public services.

  • First consultation: Establishing the Principles

    18 September 2006 to 11 December 2006

  • Second consultation: Education Consultation: measuring performance in our public services

    2 November 2006 to 22 February 2007

  • Third consultation: Health Consultation: measuring performance in our public services

    12 December 2006 to 3 April 2007

All the written responses sent to us, as well as the summaries of the consultation seminars, are published on the individual web pages for each consultation linked above.

Following the consultation, a strategy paper, Measuring Quality as Part of Public Service Output, was published on 3 July 2007. This paper sets out the overall strategy for measuring public service output, with particular reference to quality, the future development programme needed to take the strategy forward, and specific decisions on methods for measuring education and health.

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