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Notable men

Historic census returns featuring famous men

Alfred Tennyson (252.9 Kb Pdf)  (1809-92) Lord Tennyson, poet
Benjamin Disraeli (328 Kb Pdf)  (1804-81) 1st Earl of Beconsfield, prime-minister
Charles Darwin (171.4 Kb Pdf)  (1809-82) naturalist, originator of the evolution theory
Charles Dickens (196.2 Kb Pdf) (1812-70) author, Oliver Twist, Great Expectations
Karl Marx (228.7 Kb Pdf)  (1818-93) political theorist who inspired communism
Sir Edward Elgar (391.5 Kb Pdf)  (1857-1934) composer, The Enigma Variations, The Dream of Gerontius
Sir Winston Churchill (291.8 Kb Pdf)  (1874-1965) statesman, war time prime-minister
Stephen Lowry (423 Kb Pdf)  (1887-1976) artist
The Duke of Wellington (241.7 Kb Pdf)  (1769-1852), Arthur Wellesley, soldier and statesman
W.G. Grace (348.1 Kb Pdf)  (1848-1915) cricketer
William Gladstone (218.9 Kb Pdf)  (1809-98), statesman, prime-minister
William Wordsworth (195.7 Kb Pdf)  (1770-1850) poet
Content from the Office for National Statistics.
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