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Census Access


The Census Access project was the means of delivering the results of the 2001 Census in unrestricted, largely electronic and user friendly ways, with a choice of facilities to suit all levels of expertise. It helped to provide the public sector with evidence for policy making and evaluation, especially in the area of social exclusion and at neighbourhood level, and it also brought the results of the Census to schools, community groups and individuals in a way that has not been possible before.

The Census Access project achieved a major change in the way Census results are disseminated, in line with broader Government policy, by delivering statistics and output geography free at the point of use to all through modern media, including Neighbourhood Statistics. Funds from the Treasury Invest to Save Budget (ISB) and partners - the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, the Department of Health, the National Assembly for Wales, the Local Government Association, and the Economic and Social Research Council - covered costs up front. The project was extended into 2004-05 to cover the final parts of output included in the 'access' package. A final report will be made to the ISB secretariat, but an interim evaluation report has been produced.

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