Policy paper

Public Health Outcomes Framework 2013 to 2016

Sets out desired outcomes for public health and how they will be measured.


The Public Health Outcomes Framework concentrates on:

  • increased healthy life expectancy
  • reduced differences in life expectancy
  • healthy life expectancy between communities

Local authorities must have regard to these documents in the exercise of their public health functions.

Annual update of PHOF technical documents

These are the latest versions of the 3 main PHOF documents, part 1A, part 1B and part 2. The updated technical specifications (Part 2) include all the technical changes that have been made to indicators throughout 2013.

‘Improving outcomes and supporting transparency: Updates to PHOF: summary of changes to technical specifications, December 2015’ summarises the changes that have been made to the technical specifications since the last publication in June 2015 and December 2014. These changes include new indicators that have been introduced, and changes that have been made to existing indicators.