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DECC publishes National and Official statistics covering energy, climate change, energy efficiency, fuel poverty and related areas, which are produced in accordance with the statutory and other arrangements described in the guide to national and official statistics.

To assist users in accessing the data most relevant to their needs our statistics are grouped together by topic with the key ones being:

  • Emissions and Climate Change statistics cover annual and sub national data on greenhouse gas emissions as well as quarterly data based on changes in CO2 emissions, and links to other Climate Change data.
  • Energy Sector statistics cover annual, quarterly and monthly data for the key forms of energy, coal, oil, gas, electricity and renewables covering production, trade and use. The annual data are the most comprehensive, whilst monthly data provide timely data based on fewer variables.
  • Energy Price statistics cover annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly data on prices to households and business, the cost of motor fuels and international comparisons
  • Energy Efficiency statistics cover the monitoring of some of DECC’s key policies such as Green Deal and Smart Meters, as well as our innovative National Energy Efficiency Data-framework (NEED) which is key in understanding more about energy use
  • Sub-national energy consumption statistics covers a wide range of data on energy use at all levels from local authority to lower level super output area. These data are drawn from analysis of all meters or modelled for non-metered fuels and should be used for sub national analysis, not national totals.
  • Fuel Poverty statistics cover data on fuel poverty in England at national and local authority levels.
  • Energy statistics publications and press notices cover the statistical publications produced by DECC such as DUKES (Digest of UK Energy Statistics), ECUK (Energy Consumption in the UK) and Energy Trends. Key compendium publications are UK Energy in Brief and UK Energy Sector Indicators, both of which give a wide overview of all DECC statistics.

All of DECC’s statistical data are published to pre-announced release dates as detailed in our timetable of statistical releases for twelve months ahead and in line with procedures and standards as set out on the Code of Practice for Official Statistics.

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Use the document search to find statistics reports and documents that DECC has published (including guidance). Live tables that relate to particular statistics releases or guidance will be listed in the document series on that page.

Archived statistics

GOV.UK offers the most recent statistics DECC has published. Our previous statistical releases are available on the National Archives web pages. If you require assistance in locating archived DECC statistics please contact Kevin Harris, e-mail:, tel: 0300 068 5041.

DECC’s timetable of statistical releases for twelve months ahead

This timetable details the statistical releases of the Department for twelve months ahead. All releases are National Statistics unless stated otherwise. The timetable will be regularly updated as new releases are announced or when release dates are revised. All releases will be published on this website at 9:30am on the day of release.

Corporate procedures and standards

In accordance with the UK Statistics Authority’s Code of Practice for Official Statistics, DECC follows the arrangements set out in the publications listed below:

Methodology notes detailing the surveys, data processes and data quality measures used in producing DECC’s official statistics are published on the Energy sector statistics series pages and the publication pages included in the UK greenhouse gas emissions series.

Statistical surveys

DECC statistical surveys are used in compiling our energy statistics. They contain details of:

  • the number of forms sent out
  • population coverage
  • response rates

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