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Other classifications/definitions

SOC 1990

Some ONS data collections will code a block of records to both SOC 1990 and SOC2000 to plot the relationship between the 2 classifications In their data.

The Classifications and Harmonisation Unitl receive the copies of the output and analyses from this SOC relationship work and hold them as a source of information for users of SOC.

International standard classification of occupations (European variant) (ISCO 88 COM)

A mapping of SOC2000 unit groups to unit groups in ISCO 88 COM is available from the Classifications and Harmonisation Unit.

Social classifications

SOC 1990 was used to derive the 2 government social classifications: social class based on occupation and socio-economic group.

The National Statistics socio-economic classification (NS-SEC) is replacing both of these classifications and SOC2000 is used to derive the NS-SEC.

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