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Release: Area Based Analysis, Follow the Flame with Figures, 2012

Released: 15 May 2012


A production error with population data for mid-2010 was identified on 16 May 2012 in the 'England' table of the supporting data for the Follow the Flame with Figures release, originally published on 15 May 2012. The table has now been corrected.

In this release

Follow the Flame with Figures

The 2012 Olympic Torch will travel across the UK starting from Land's End on 19 May and ending at the Olympic opening ceremony at Stratford on 27 July.

A map plots the approximate route and presents a range of key statistics for each evening stop. Users can click on a stop to reveal key statistics for the local authority where the stop is located.

Statistics include the population, unemployment rate, life expectancy and house prices to name a few. A calendar function allows users to select a date and see where the torch is on a particular day, and several links take users to websites providing further information on the statistics for an area.

Get the complete data behind the map, with relevant notes, metadata and source information, in the data section of this release (73 Kb Excel sheet) .

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