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FOI request: Migrants to the UK in the year ending June 2013 declaring themselves as diagnosed with HIV


I am a student and concerned member of the public looking to ascertain how many of the 503,000 migrants to the UK in the year ending June 2013 declared themselves as diagnosed with HIV; or if this is not information you have on record, where would be the best place to find it?


Thank you for contacting the Office for National Statistics (ONS) regarding the health status of long-term international migrants to the UK for year ending June 2013.

Long-term international immigration for the year ending June 2013 was estimated to be 502,000. The latest LTIM tables can be found by following this web path: 

Please note that this is currently a provisional estimate. Final estimates for 2013 will be published on 27 November 2014. The figures produced are estimates, not exact counts.

With regard to your specific query on the number of immigrants in the year ending June 2013 that declared themselves as diagnosed with HIV:

There are no questions on health on the International Passenger Survey (IPS) migration trailer and therefore information on the health of immigrants is not something that the Office for National Statistics collects or is able to provide.  A copy of the latest IPS questionnaire can be found in the Appendix B of the Methodology paper on our website:

Estimates of Long-Term International Migration (LTIM) are produced by ONS primarily based on data from the IPS, with adjustments made for asylum seekers, people whose intentions change with regard to their length of stay, and migration to and from Northern Ireland. LTIM estimates are based on the United Nations definition of a long-term international migrant, that is, someone who changes their country of usual residence for a period of at least one year.


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