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FOI Request: Open Data


This page on your website
sets out your policy on open data.

Are there other documents that set out open data policy?

On what dates has open data been discussed at UKSA board meetings?

Can you please give the publication date of the first document on the above link (dating it too for future reference?) and give all previous versions of that and similar documents (that relate to open data policy) that have been on the website.


1. In addition to the document that you found the following documents also relate to our open data policy.

Open Data and the Government Statistical Service

Letter from Sir Michael Scholar to Rt Hon Francis Maude MP (11th Oct 2011)

Letter from Sir Michael Scholar to Bernard Jenkin MP (3rd Dec 2011)

Letter from Sir Andrew Dilnot to Bernard Jenkin MP (20th Sept 2013)

There is also this page on business transparency in ONS

2. The dates of any discussions at UKSA board meetings about open data can be found by looking at the published minutes and papers of UK Statistics Authority Board meetings

3. The document 'ONS Approach to Open Data', to which you refer, was published on 16th June 2014.  There were two previous versions the first published on 18th June 2012 (42.7 Kb Pdf) and the second on 2nd September 2013 (70.5 Kb Pdf) .  These previous versions are attached.


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