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New developments for 2011 Census results

Commissioned tables

The Commission Tables service will be implemented on a phased basis. Read more about commissioning tables.

Enhancing access to ONS data

Many other organisations have systems that provide census data to their users and this widens access and helps increase the value derived from the information collected by the 2011 Census. ONS is currently developing an Application Programming Interface which will provide machine to machine access to census data for other web systems. In time, the Application Programming Interface will also provide access to a wider range of ONS information. More information is available from: You can also find out more from our Web Data Access pages.

2011 Census User Guide

For help with terms and definitions, see the 2011 Census User Guide which contains a census glossary, information about variables and classifications.

Pensionable age

The 2011 Census defines working age as between 16 to 64 for both men and women. The definition of pensionable age now refers to men and women aged 65 and over. Alternate measures of pensionable age will not be provided in the first four main stages of releasing 2011 Census statistics.

Some of the 2011 Census tables – based on those from 2001 – have been redesigned as a result of changes to pensionable age. Information will be provided in the metadata.

Users who require alternative definitions of pensionable age can request these through the commissioned table service. Requests for commissioned tables from the 2011 Census will be constrained by the statistics already released, the similarity to the statistics planned, the availability of the data, statistical disclosure control and resource availability. Commissioned tables can be pre-ordered from Census Customer Services.

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