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Summer workshop events in Manchester and London, 2013

We have held workshop events for the last two years to report progress and to gather users’ thoughts and experiences of census data and analysis. We are always keen to receive your feedback.

A summary of the July 2013 events in London and Manchester is detailed below.

Sessions included:

  • the story so far – what the census told us about England and Wales in 2011

  • making use of census data – how to make the most of census data

  • future plans – overview of future census releases and discussion of our and external users’ analysis plans

Attendees had the opportunity to:

  • comment on the analysis produced to date and the current proposals for future analysis

  • discuss the relative priorities of these to help shape our  census analysis work programme

  • share with the group how they have used census data and what plans they have for further analysis

What if you missed them?

Each event has been posted onto Storify (external link), where information on the presentations and discussions can be found. Session summaries will be available shortly on our website. We would be pleased to receive your comments, preferences, priorities or questions.

Presentations from the workshops

If you have any queries or comments, please contact our central census analysis team:

Tel: 01633 455925

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