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Release: 2011 Census, Small Population Tables for England and Wales (part 2)

Released: 21 January 2015


Cal Ghee

2011 Census

Telephone: +44 (0)1329 444972

Categories: People and Places, People, Identity, Ethnicity and Identity, Religion and Identity

Frequency of release: Decennial

Language: English

Geographical coverage: England and Wales

Geographical breakdown: Super Output Area and Data Zone

Survey name(s): Census

In this release

Small population tables provide census data for some of the key characteristics of people in specific small population groups in which the small size of the total population in that group means confidentiality constraints limit the release of more detailed standard statistics.

user guide for this release is available on the ONS website, and all the tables are available to download from the NOMIS website.

Purpose of the small populations

  • This is a new release of information for 2011 and provides some information for selected small populations where the numbers within that small population are greater than a particular threshold.  This is particularly important as some of these small groups are too small to pass our confidentiality checks for standard outputs, but can be geographically clustered.

  • The need for this product was identified through user consultation about the outputs and through engagement/consultation about questionnaire content. It is also an important element of reporting back to particular communities who assisted us through the census operation.


This second set of small populations data provides 17 tables for five separate small population groups. These cover key characteristics such as age, sex, economic activity, qualifications, provision of unpaid care and disability.

The small population groups

The following groups are included in the small populations product:

  • Cornish (national identity)

  • Kashmiri (ethnic group)

  • Nepalese (including Gurkhas) (ethnic group)

  • Ravidassia (religion); and

  • Sikh (ethnic group).

Any groups not included in this release can request similar outputs through the commissioned table service, for a charge. More information is available on the ONS website.

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