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Latest on Retail Sales, January 2012 - Animated Video Podcast (YouTube)

Released: 17 February 2012 Download PDF

The short video podcast using audio commentary and graphical animations covers the following:

1. It shows that sales values increased by 4.4% and sales volumes by 2.0% compared with a year earlier. It also looks at the month on month changes with sales values and sales volumes both increasing by 0.9% since December 2011.

2. It then goes on to look at the effect of bad weather and the extra bank holiday on sales values and sales volumes since 2008, and shows that since 2010 sales values has increased faster than sales volumes due to price rises.

3. Finally, it focuses on retail spending in the different sectors in 2011 with 42% of all retail spending being in the non-food sector in 2011 and 41% in the food sector.

Source: Office for National Statistics

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