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Release: Environmental Accounts, 2011

Released: 29 June 2011 Next edition: 30 November 2011


Jawed Khan

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Geographical coverage: UK

Geographical breakdown: UK and GB

  • In 2010, the total area of the UK covered by woodland was 3.1 million hectares, 12.7 per cent of the UK land area; the highest since records began in 1924.

  • The UK consumed 210.8 million tonnes of oil equivalent (mtoes) of energy in 2009; the lowest since 1990.
  • Emissions of chemicals that can cause acid rain were 12.4 per cent lower in 2009 than in 2008.  The level of emissions, 2.2 million tonnes of S02 equivalent, was the lowest level since records began in 1990.

  • In 2009, 566 million tonnes of natural resources was used by the UK economy.  This was 68.7 million tonnes less than in 2008, the largest annual reduction since records began in 1970.
  • In 2008, the UK generated an estimated 313.6 million tonnes of waste; 28.5 million tonnes (8.3 per cent) lower than in 2006.
  • In 2010, the Government received £41.4 billion from environmental taxes; 8.0 per cent of total taxes and social contributions.
Provides data on the environmental impact of UK economic activity and the use of the environment by the economy.

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