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Theme Working Groups

One of the aims behind the creation of National Statistics was to improve the clarity and relevance of the statistics produced by the 30-plus departments, administrations and agencies from which the Government Statistical Service (GSS) is formed.

One way of achieving this is through the National Statistics Theme Working Groups (TWGs). Each of these is chaired either by a Head of Profession or by a representative and has responsibility for a specific area of national life, for example, Crime and Justice, the Economy, Health and Care.

The TWGs bring together statistical representatives from each of the government departments, devolved administrations and agencies with an interest in that particular topic.

Their role is to develop and implement coherent work plans for the National Statistics products that fall within their remit. They also play a key role in generating and monitoring Quality Reviews of each of the key outputs within their remit. They do this within the context of the National Statistics Quality Review Programme.

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