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Geography glossary

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Welcome to our geography glossary, a collection of over 180 terms relating to:

  • different types of geographic area

  • geographic products

  • geographic information systems (GIS) and mapping

  • organisations and initiatives involved with geographic information

Many of the entries also contain links to further information on our website’s geography pages or to relevant external websites.

To navigate the glossary, simply click on the appropriate letter from the A–Z at the top of each page.

In addition to the web-interface version, the glossary is also available in pdf format (see Downloads) for those who would like to print off a copy.

The pdf glossary will be updated in line with the web version, but note that it does not include links to further information.

We hope you find this resource useful; if you have any queries or feedback, or if you can think of any terms we should be including, please feel free to contact us.


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