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Ethnic group interim classification for 2001

Please note: This page has now been archived. For current classification please refer to the Primary set of harmonised concepts and questions page and the Measuring equality landing page.

The Classification of Ethnic Groups

Archived content: initially published in 2000

The recommended output classification of ethnic groups for National Statistics data sources will change in 2001 to be broadly in line with the 2001 Census. Developing such a standard classification is a difficult exercise, reflecting the different - and sometimes contradictory - objectives of the classification. For example, there are strong arguments in favour of retaining the 1991 Census-based classification at least until the end of 2001-02; equally there are arguments for promulgating a classification now which fits closely with the 2001 Census immediately. Comparability with the 2001 Census is the most important factor. However, classifications are never set in stone, and we recognise that further research is needed to improve our understanding of a range of related issues, such as language and religion. For this reason we are promulgating this only as an interim standard until we have undertaken this further research in consultation with a range of experts.

Details of this new interim National Statistics classification for presenting data, and the rationale for choosing it are available in this section.

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