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Independent Review of Methodology

Please note: Beyond 2011 programme closed in January 2015. The new Census Transformation Programme (CTP) will develop the 2021 Census.


ONS commissioned this report. We asked the review team to:

  • provide independent assurance that the methodology and statistical research is based upon sound research and a strong evidence base;

  • identify areas where evidence could be significantly improved;

  • identify the main risks with the emerging view, noting any particular problems/challenges with the methods recommended, and any further work required to mitigate these risks and challenges.

I am very grateful to Chris Skinner, John Hollis, and Mike Murphy for the thorough and accessible report they have produced. I welcome the team's recommendations.

ONS published a response to those recommendations (166.6 Kb Pdf) 1 May 2014.

Ian Cope
Executive Director - Population and Demography

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