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Coding and naming for statistical geographies

The GSS Coding and Naming policy for some statistical geographies was implemented on 1 January 2011. From this date, where new codes have been allocated they should be used in all exchanges of statistics and published outputs that normally include codes.

The Register of Geographic Codes (RGC) summarises the range of area instances within each geographic unit and is available free of charge to download from the Open Geography portal.

The Code History Database (CHD) provides multi-functionality, including details of all codes, relationships, hierarchies and archived data. The CHD has superseded the Standard Names and Codes (SNAC), the UK Statistical Geographies Database (SGDB) and the Ward History database. If you require these products, please contact us.

You can download the CHD free of charge from the Open Geography portal as a zip file containing an MS Access database. If you don’t have MS Access, there are also zip files containing csv tables within the Open Geography portal.

If you have any questions about the CHD, RGC or policy, please contact us.

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