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Release: Population Estimates of the Very Elderly, 2010

Released: 29 September 2011


Julie Mills

Mortality and Ageing Analysis Unit


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Categories: Population Estimates by Age and Sex, Population Estimates, Population Change, Older People, Ageing, Population

Frequency of release: Annually

Language: English

Geographical coverage: UK

Geographical breakdown: Country

  • Estimates for the UK have increased five fold from 2,500 in 1980 to 12,640 in 2010.

  • The ratio of female to male centenarians is falling; in 2000 there were nine female centenarians for every male centenarian and in 2010 there were five female centenarians for every male centenarian.

Estimates for the years 2002-2010 have now been revised. Please see the latest release for 2002-2011

11/10/2011 - Correction notice: An error was identified in the calculation of the Estimates of the very elderly for females, England and Wales, 2008, originally published on 29 September 2011. This error has affected the estimates of the very elderly for the UK and the mortality rates in the 2008-2010 interim life tables for females at the oldest ages (from around 90 and older) in the UK, GB, England and Wales, England and Wales. The data has been corrected.

ONS apologises for any inconvenience caused.

Mid-2002 to mid-2010 estimates of the population aged 90 and over (including centenarians) for the UK and constituent countries. These estimates are published annually; the tables provide mid-year population estimates by sex and single year of age for 90 to 104 and for the 105+ group. The method used to produce these estimates is a modified form of the survival ratios proposed by Kannisto-Thatcher. The population at a given age is estimated by looking at the ratio of the number of a cohort still alive to the number of that cohort who have died in the last few years. A consequence of this method is that each year the estimates for earlier years become more accurate as more death data become available to inform the age profiles. That is, the addition of a further year's mortality data results in changes in the single year of age estimates for previous years.

These estimates have been released to coincide with the Older People's Day 2011 statistical bulletin.

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