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Spending Review 2010 Announcement

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In the Spending Review 2010 announcement on 20 October 2010 the UK Statistics Authority and the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has been allocated a budget for the next four years.

Issue date: 20 October 2010
Type: Statement

Spending Review

This represents a 17.4 per cent** real reduction to our resource baseline over the next few years.

Capital has been reduced to £9.1 million in the first year (2011/12) and remains at about that level over the four years.

We will achieve these savings through our continuing drive for efficiencies, together with a review of our future work programme.

ONS ran a consultation with users to help establish our priorities for the next four years. The consultation ran from 1 November to 24 December 2010, and the findings will be used to help inform our range of statistical outputs and future developments within the budget available.

ONS is the largest producer of official statistics in the UK and provides a wide range of statistical outputs, analysis and advice on the economy and society. These are used extensively to enable informed decisions to be made by Parliament, government, commerce and the public.

We are committed to investing in our methods and systems to ensure we continue to provide a programme of high quality, timely, relevant and accessible official statistics which reflect users' priorities. 

The Government also announced that there would be funding available for two new projects: the Beyond 2011 project which looks at new ways of measuring the population and state of society; and for Societal Wellbeing which is a new measure that looks at social progress and environmental factors as well as economic performance.

The government also allocated the funding needed to complete the 2011 Census.

The numbers reflect the actual cash settlement.
* Figures for 2010/11 are shown for comparison purposes. 
** The figures published in the table are unchanged, but the percentage real reduction to our baseline has now been recalculated using GDP deflators to be consistent across government. The real reduction in our resource baseline is 17.4 per cent over four years. 

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