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Release: Regional Gross Value Added (Income Approach), December 2011

Released: 14 December 2011 Next edition: 12 December 2012


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25 October 2012

Notice of an error in the allocation of offshore oil and gas extraction in Regional GVA

The Regional Gross Value Added (GVA) dataset published in December 2011 contained an error in the allocation of the compensation of employees (COE) for workers in the oil and gas extraction industry, part of Section B: Mining and quarrying.

The impact of the error is that too little GVA was allocated to Extra-Regio, the category for GVA that cannot be assigned to a specific region, which includes activities taking place on the continental shelf. As a consequence, the GVA allocated to Section B for all other regions was too high. The error principally affects GVA and COE for Section B: Mining and quarrying, in all years 1997 to 2010 and all regions of the UK. There are also some secondary effects resulting in small changes to other industries.


New reference tables have been published containing revised workplace GVA and COE data for the NUTS1 regions and Extra-Regio. There are separate tables for the headline (smoothed) and unsmoothed estimates. Figures for lower level areas have not been recalculated due to boundary changes since the last publication, but users can apply the same proportional changes from the NUTS1 region as an approximation.

Correction: NUTS1 Regional GVA 1997-2010 (Headline)  (105 Kb Excel sheet)

Correction: NUTS1 Regional GVA 1997-2010 (Unsmoothed) (103 Kb Excel sheet)

Please note that these figures are revised estimates based on the data published in December 2011. There will be further revisions when the next regular bulletin is published on 12 December 2012 as well as first estimates for 2011. ONS apologises for the error and the inconvenience it has caused to users.

Shows economic activity as measured by Gross Value Added (GVA) for English regions, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland including component totals and industry group totals.

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