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Release: Output in the Construction Industry, January 2014 and New Orders Q4 2013

Released: 14 March 2014 Next edition: 11 April 2014


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Survey name(s): Construction: Output & Employment

  • This statistical bulletin provides users with the latest estimates of output in the construction industry for January 2014. Output is defined as the amount charged by construction companies to customers for value of work (produced during the reporting period) excluding VAT and payments to sub-contractors.

  • The seasonally adjusted estimate of construction output in January 2014 has risen by 1.8% (£170 million) when compared with December 2013. There was a slight rise of 0.8% (£50 million) in new work and a larger increase of 3.5% (£120 million) in repair and maintenance. 

  • The longer term comparisons show an improved picture of construction output. All work in January 2014 has increased 5.4% (£490 million) when compared with January 2013. A similar story is apparent across the different types of work, where new work has increased by 5.9% (£330 million) and repair and maintenance by 4.5% (£160 million) over the same period.

  • The second estimate of GDP for Q4 2013 published on 28 February 2014 included an estimate of construction growth of 0.2%. This has been revised down in this release to a fall of 0.2% due to a refinement to the seasonal pattern in the monthly series.

  • New orders for construction in Q4 2013 is estimated to be 1.5% higher than Q3 due to a 5.2% (£200 million) increase in orders for new housing. All other work fell 0.4% over the same period caused by a 22.2% (£590 million) decrease in orders for infrastructure.

Construction output is a monthly series of the output of the construction industry in both the private and public sectors. In the months before the quarter month, current and constant price not seasonally adjusted data by sector are published. On the quarter months, additional constant price seasonally adjusted index data and value data by sector are published. On the months after the quarter, additional current price data by type of work and region are published.

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