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Release: 2011 Census, Teaching file

Released: 23 January 2014

In this release

This release provides access to the 2011 Census Microdata Teaching File.  This anonymised, random 1 per cent sample of census records provides a useful resource for users of census outputs to analyse census data in a way that is not possible using standard census outputs, which are tables of counts.

The primary purpose of the Microdata Teaching File is as an educational tool aimed at:

  • encouraging wider use of census data by providing a way of examining census data beyond the standard tables;

  • providing an introduction to the detail, metadata and data formats included in microdata products in order to give users the skills and information necessary to make use of the more detailed products to come; and,

  • assisting with the teaching of statistics and geography at GCSE and higher levels

Preserving the confidentiality of personal information provided by the public on their census questionnaire remains a priority for the census.  The Microdata Teaching File is a 1 per cent sample of people and a small number of their characteristics. Additional measures have been taken to ensure that individuals cannot be identified:

  • No personal identifiers (name, address, date of birth) have been included in the Microdata Teaching File

  • Potentially disclosive output variables have been either completely removed or have been aggregated to reduce the level of detail available for each record. In particular, geographic information is limited to region (e.g. North West or London).

The teaching file is available to download in csv format.  The single downloadable file zip file contains:

  • a csv file containing the 2011 Census Microdata Teaching File;

  • a user guide containing information needed to understand and use the teaching file; and,

  • a code list explaining each of the 18 census characteristics, or variables, within the teaching file

Further information about the census estimates, including details about the methodology used and information about how other population sub-groups are counted and defined, is available in the 2011 Census user guide.

Further information on the fitness for purpose of the statistics in this release can be found in the Quality and Methodology Information paper (157.6 Kb Pdf) .

These National Statistics are produced to high professional standards and released according to the arrangements approved by the UK Statistics Authority.

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