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Release: Historic and Projected Mortality Data (1951 to 2060) from the UK Life Tables, 2010-Based

Released: 26 March 2012


Julie Mills

Demographic Analysis Unit

Telephone: +44 (0)1329 444681

Categories: Population, Deaths, Mortality Rates, Life Expectancies, Projected Life Expectancy, Ageing, Older People

Frequency of release: Biennially

Language: English

Geographical coverage: UK

Geographical breakdown: UK

Following the publication of the 2010-based period and cohort life expectancy tables, ONS prepares databases for the UK and each of the constituent countries containing mortality data used in the calculation of historic and projected life tables. Published for the first time as part of this release are tables of historic and projected qx (probability of dying at each age) and lx (numbers of people surviving at each age) values for the UK, on a period basis for each year 1951 to 2060 and cohort basis for each year of birth 1951 to 2060, for the principal projection and the high and low life expectancy variants.

Life table templates for the UK (principal, high and low variants) and constituent countries (principal projecton only) that can be used to produce historic and projected life tables on a period or cohort basis by age and sex are available on request to Also available on request are tables of qx mortality rates for the principal, high and low variant projections for each of the UK constituent countries. 

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