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Release: Population Estimates for England and Wales, Mid-2002 to Mid-2010 Revised (National)

Released: 13 December 2012


Pete Large

Population Estimates Unit

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Categories: Population, Population Change, Population Estimates, Population Estimates by Age and Sex

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Language: English

Geographical coverage: England and Wales

Geographical breakdown: Country

  • The population estimates for England and Wales for mid-2002 to mid-2010 have been revised following the 2011 Census. The revised series provide a consistent time-series of population estimates to mid-2011.

  • The size of these revisions is very small (464,000 or 0.83 per cent) in the context of the total population estimates for England and Wales.

  • The population estimates for England have been revised by 416,000 (0.79 per cent) and the estimates for Wales have been revised by 48,000 (1.58 per cent).

  • For England and Wales as a whole, the size of the revision was largest in the year to mid-2008 (82,000, 0.15 per cent).

  • The revised series shows the population has grown every year from mid-2002 to mid-2011, with the largest annual percentage growth since the year to mid-1962 in the year to mid-2011 (479,000, 0.86 per cent).

  • The revised series shows migration contributed to a larger proportion of population change than the difference between births and deaths from mid-2001 to mid-2008.

Estimates of the usually resident population as at 30 June of the reference year, revised in light of the 2011 Census. The Population Estimates reflect the administrative boundaries that were in place on 30 June 2011.

Supporting Material

Quality and Methodology Information (QMI)

Methods used to revise the national population estimates for mid-2002 to mid-2010


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