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Release: Period and cohort life expectancy tables, 2010-based

Released: 26 October 2011


Julie Mills

Mortality and Ageing Analysis Unit

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25/11/11 - An error was identified in the calculation of the 2010-based life expectancy tables for the UK. This resulted in some differences in the expectation of life at some ages in the cohort, high life expectancy variant table. These data have now been corrected.

16/01/12 - A production error was discovered in Table E1: 2010 based cohort expectation of life, 1981-2060, high life expectancy variant, UK originally published on 26 October 2011. This affected male life expectancy figures in 2041-2060. These data have now been corrected.

ONS apologises for any inconvenience caused.

Key points

The key points from this release are:
  • By 2035 period life expectancy at birth is projected to reach 83.4 years for males and 87.0 years for females, an increase of nearly 5 years each since 2010.

  • By 2035 cohort life expectancy at birth is projected to reach 94.2 years for males and 97.2 years for females, just over 10 years longer than period life expectancy.

Historic and projected life expectancies on a period and cohort basis. Life expectancies are provided by single year of age and sex from 1981 to 2060 for the UK and its constituent countries. The tables are based on unsmoothed calendar year mortality rates from 1981 to 2010 and projected mortality rates from the 2010-based national population projections.

Information on the difference between period and cohort life expectancies can be found in the Guide to Period and Cohort Life Expectancies

2010 National Population Projections

Please note:
  • The life expectancy figures quoted in the statistical bulletin and mortality assumptions paper are on a mid-year basis and may differ slightly from those shown in the period and cohort tables in this release.
  •  The 2010-based period and cohort life expectancy tables, 1981 to 2060, for Great Britain and England and Wales are only available for the principal projection.

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