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Release: Historic and Projected Data from the Period and Cohort Life Tables, 2012-based

Released: 11 December 2013


Julie Mills

Demographic Analysis Unit

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  • In 2012 period life expectancy at birth in the UK was 79.0 for males and 82.7 for females.

  • By 2037 period life expectancy at birth is projected to reach 84.1 years for males and 87.3 years for females, an increase of around five years since 2012.

  • By 2037 cohort life expectancy at birth is projected to reach 94.3 for males and 97.3 for females, 10 years longer than period life expectancy.

  • Period life expectancy at birth is projected to rise by eight years over the 50 years to 2062, reaching 87.3 years for males and 90.3 years for females.

  • By 2062, cohort life expectancy at birth is projected to reach 100 years for females in each UK constituent country except Scotland where it is projected to reach 99.4 years.

  • Cohort life expectancy for a man aged 65 in 2012 is projected to be 21.2 years and for a woman 23.9 years.

The tables for the UK, GB and Scotland have now been revised to take account of revisions to the 2002 to 2010 mid-year population estimates for Scotland, published by National Records of Scotland on 17 December 2013.

ONS have released today tables of life expectancy (ex), probability of death (qx) and numbers of persons surviving (lx) from the 2012-based National Population Projections. These tables contain historic and projected figures for 1981 to 2062 on a period and cohort basis from life tables calculated using observed and projected deaths and population estimates and projections.

Period and cohort life tables are produced biennially based on the assumptions for future mortality from the National Population Projections (NPP). These tables give historic and projected statistics by single year of age and sex, from 1981 to the NPP base year (2012) and then 50 years into the future from the base year (2013 to 2062). The historic life tables are based on unsmoothed calendar year mortality rates and the projected mortality rates from the NPP. This release relates to the 2012-based NPP published on the 6th November 2013.

The probability of surviving to age 100 is the focus of a short story and infographic which are also published today to accompany this release.

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