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Release: 2011 Census, Key Statistics and Quick Statistics for health areas and post code sectors in England and Wales

Released: 19 February 2013

In this release

The statistics in this release are a new presentation of the data released as part of the Key Statistics and Quick Statistics for output areas in England and Wales  that were published 30 January 2013. They provide new best fit aggregations of these statistics for health administration areas and postcode sectors in England and Wales, and also for National Assembly for Wales constituencies and Assembly for Wales electoral regions. The estimates are best-fitted from output areas in line with the Geography Policy for National Statistics.

The 35 Key Statistics tables and 69 Quick Statistics tables are available from the Nomis website. Each table can be accessed directly using the links in the reference table file above.

  • The statistics are provided for: Health administration areas in England and Wales, as at December 2011; 10 strategic health authorities (SHA) and 151 primary care organisations (PCO) in England, the latter made up of 146 primary care trusts (PCT) and  five care trusts (CT), and seven  local health boards (LHB) in Wales.

  • Enumeration postcode sectors, districts and areas in England and Wales, as at December 2011.

Results are also provided for the 40 National Assembly for Wales constituencies (NAWC) used to elect members to the National Assembly for Wales (NAW), and the five National Assembly for Wales electoral regions (NAWER) used for the proportional component of the elections to the Assembly. The 40 assembly constituencies are identical to the 40 Westminster parliamentary constituencies in Wales that were included in the Key and Quick Statistics for parliamentary constituencies in England and Wales.

More information about health geography, electoral geography and postal geography is available from ONS geography.

Following the implementation of the Health and Social Care Act 2012 which will abolish PCTs and SHAs on 31 March 2013, new look-up files and new best-fit statistics will be made available for the restructured health geography in England later in 2013.

Postal geography is used as a common basis for organising information collected in the public and private sectors, and census results for postal areas are provided to support this wider use. 2011 Census estimates of the number of usual residents by sex, and the number of households with at least one usual resident, for unit postcodes in England and Wales will also be released later in 2013.

More information about output areas, the best fit methodology used to aggregate output areas to higher geographies, look-up files and other geographical products are available from ONS geography.

Commentary and analysis of the census estimates in the tables included in this release is available at regional level in the statistical bulletins published as part of the following releases:

More detailed analyses of the census estimates are also provided for some topics published in parallel with each of these releases; these are available via the Census Analysis website.  Further analyses will be published during 2013.

During 2013 ONS will release cross tabulations of characteristics, such as by age, sex or ethnicity. This will provide an even richer and more valuable data source for the many users of the census.

Further information on the fitness for purpose of the statistics in this release can be found in the Quality and Methodology Information paper (157.6 Kb Pdf) .

These National Statistics are produced to high professional standards and released according to the arrangements approved by the UK Statistics Authority.

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