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Release: Regional Labour Market Statistics, January 2013

Released: 23 January 2013 Next edition: 20 February 2013
  • Employment rate highest in the East of England (74.9%) and lowest in the North East (68.2%).

  • Unemployment rate highest in the North East (9.1%) and lowest in the South West (5.5%).

  • Inactivity rate highest in Wales (25.0%) and lowest in the East of England (19.6%).

  • Claimant Count rate highest in the North East (7.7%) and lowest in the South East (3.0%).

The tables contain Labour Market headline indicators for each UK country and region. These cover Economic Activity, Employment, Unemployment, Economic Inactivity, Workforce jobs and Claimant Count.

There is an article on the website to help users interpret labour market statistics and highlight some common misunderstandings. A more detailed Guide to Labour Market Statistics is also available.

The National Labour Market Statistical Bulletin and data for Northern Ireland are available separately.

Further Labour Market Statistics are available on the NOMIS website.


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