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Latest on the Labour Market, March 2012 - Animated Short Video (YouTube)

Released: 14 March 2012 Download PDF


A short video explaining the latest labour market estimates is available on the ONS YouTube channel. It shows:

  • Unemployment in November 2011 to January 2012 was 2.67 million, up 28,000 on the previous three months. Employment was 29.12 million (up 9,000) and inactivity 9.30 million (down 27,000).

  • Comparing the end of 2011 with the end of 2010 total employment was down 44,000 made up of a 270,000 fall in public sector employment and a 226,000 rise in private sector employment.

  • The total public sector employment fell by 4.3% over the same period with local government down most at 7.1%, central government was down 1.2%.

  • The South West of the UK had the largest fall in public sector employment, down 36,000 and Northern Ireland the least, down 5,000.

  • Northern Ireland is the area with the largest percentage of employment in the public sector, 27.9% in 2011 Q4 with the East of England the least at 17%

Further information is available in the Statistical Bulletin and the data tables.

Source: Office for National Statistics

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