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Release: Health Expectancies at birth and age 65 in the United Kingdom, National Summary

Released: 02 November 2011


Mike Smith

Health and Life Events

Telephone: 01633 455925

Categories: Health and Social Care, Health of the Population, Disability and Self-reported Health, Health Expectancy

Frequency of release: Annually

Language: English

Geographical coverage: UK

Geographical breakdown: Country

Survey name(s): Census, General Lifestyle Survey

This report presents the latest figures on male and female health expectancy, at birth and at age 65, for the UK and its four constituent countries. While life expectancy (LE) provides an estimate of average expected life-span, healthy life expectancy (HLE) divides total LE into years spent in good or ‘not good’ health. Disability-free life expectancy (DFLE) divides LE into years lived with and without a chronic illness or disability. These figures are three-year averages. LE is taken from the UK national interim life tables published annually by ONS, and the measures of health and chronic illness from the General Household Survey (GHS) in Great Britain and the Continuous Household Survey (CHS) in Northern Ireland.
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