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Animated Map of Cancer Incidence in England, 1995-1997 to 2009-2011

The map allows users to explore incidence rates by local authority for males and females separately

The map shows how incidence rates for each local authority compare with the England average, and how they have changed over time. These incidence rates are expressed per 100,000 population and are standardised to the European Standardised Population. This is a hypothetical population that assumes that the age structure is the same in both sexes, therefore allowing comparisons to be made between males and females, years, and geographical areas.

The map is released to coincide with the publication of Cancer Registration Statistics, England, 2011. This statistical bulletin examines the most common cancers in 2011, cancer incidence by sex and age group, and cancer incidence by region.

Categories: Health and Social Care, Health of the Population, Conditions and Diseases, Cancer, Cancer Registrations
Content from the Office for National Statistics.
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