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Release: General Lifestyle Survey, 2010

Released: 08 March 2012 Next edition: 07 March 2013
  • Over half (54 per cent) of adults drank alcohol at least once a week.

  • Adults aged 45 and over were three times as likely as those aged under 45 to drink almost every day.

  • Average weekly alcohol consumption decreased from 14.3 units per adult in 2005 to 11.5 units per adult in 2010.

  • One in six adults drank heavily on at least one day in the week before interview.

  • Smoking prevalence decreased from 27 per cent in 2000 to 20 per cent in 2010.

This report presents the latest information from the 2010 General Lifestyle Survey. The report covers the main topics of the survey, which are presented as seven chapters: Smoking; Drinking; Households, families and people; Housing and consumer durables; Marriage and cohabitation; Pensions; and General health.

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