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“Pension trends” publications

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Move from Pension Trends to pensions compendium

Following consultation, the way we present pension statistics has been updated. The Pension Trends series will no longer be produced and it will be replaced by a compendium approach with timely, more topical analyses in the form of responsive short stories. The parts of Pension Trends that represented new analyses, unavailable elsewhere, will continue to be produced and will be made available within the compendium.

Details have been published as advisory notes explaining the move to pensions compendium (100.3 Kb Pdf) .

"Pension trends" publications

Pension Trends draws together statistics from ONS, a number of government departments and other organisations to highlight the complex issues that shape trends in pension provision in the UK.

Clicking on tables and charts within the chapters will allow access to the underlying data.

For further information please contact Pensions Analysis.

Chapter 1: Pensions Legislation: An Overview - 27 October 2011
Chapter 2: Population Change - 16 February 2012
Chapter 3: Life expectancy and Healthy Ageing - 16 February 2012
Chapter 4: The Labour Market and Retirement  - 26 February 2013
Chapter 5: State Pensions - 10 December 2013
Chapter 6: Private Pensions - 16 July 2013
Chapter 7: Private Pension Scheme Membership - 30 October 2014
Chapter 8: Pension Contributions - 28 November 2014

Chapter 9: Pension Scheme Funding and Investment - 23 April 2013

Chapter 10: Saving for Retirement - 23 April 2013
Chapter 11: Pensioner Income and Expenditure - 24 October 2012
Chapter 12: Household Pension Resources - 24 October 2012
Chapter 13: Inequalities and Poverty in Retirement - 24 October 2012
Chapter 14: Pensions and the National Accounts - 20 April 2011


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