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Release: Local Enterprise Partnership Profiles, May 2013 Update

Released: 31 May 2013


Nigel Henretty

Area Based Analysis, Crime Regional and Data Access Division

Telephone: +44 (0)1329 44 7934

Categories: People and Places, Communities, Neighbourhoods and Communities, Economy, People

Frequency of release: Ad-hoc

Language: English

Geographical coverage: England

Geographical breakdown: Local Authority and County, Other

The Local Enterprise Partnership Profiles aim to help Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) use official statistics to better understand the economic, social and environmental picture for the LEPs and the local authority areas within them. The LEP Profiles are available from the Neighbourhood Statistics website.

The LEP Profiles include official statistics from a variety of different themes to provide a broad overview of each LEP. These themes are:

  • Demography

  • Employment

  • Enterprise

  • Housing

  • Inclusion

  • Skills

The LEP Profiles are available in an interactive mapping tool which can be used to visualise data from indicators within the six different themes at the LEP and the local authority level. The tool can be used to compare different LEPs on a variety of indicators and to view the change of some indicators over time. It can also be used to compare indicators across local authorities within a selected LEP. A User Guide (225.9 Kb Pdf) for the tool is also available.

The LEP profiles are also available in dynamic Excel workbooks containing:

  1. LEP Local Authority Comparator Profile - These enable official statistics to be compared and ranked across all 39 LEPs, and allow official statistics for each of the local authority areas within a selected LEP to be compared.

  2. LEP Comparator Profiles - These provide a means of comparing data for a selected LEP against data for another LEP, a selected local authority and England.

In addition, a short article is available to illustrate some of the potential for analysis using the data within the profiles. It has been produced to provide a flavour of the data available in the LEP Local Authority Comparator Profile. The article focuses on the South East Midlands LEP. The aim is not to provide a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the particular LEP chosen, but rather to provide an indication of some of the charts and data available within the profiles that can be examined for each of the 39 LEPs.

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