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2011 Capital Stocks and Capital Consumption Publication

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Due to quality concerns, ONS has decided not to publish the 2010 estimates of capital stocks and capital consumption, due for publication on 5 March 2012.

Issue date: 01 March 2012
Type: Statement

ONS calculates capital stock and consumption figures, based on information about investment flows and a Perpetual Inventory Model (PIM), which enables stocks to be calculated from those flows.  This is in line with international best practice.

The figures which would have been published on 5 March were planned to feed into the 2013 Blue Book.  However, normal quality assurance has revealed some problems with the estimated capital stocks figures in terms of industry and asset patterns.  This suggests that further investigation and work is needed.

Work will now continue to produce estimates of acceptable quality.  These will then be incorporated into the 2013 Blue Book and published in due course.  In the interim, the production of quarterly national accounts will continue using projected estimates of consumption of fixed capital (K.1), using statistically recognised methods, in the usual way.  These are consistent with consumption of fixed capital estimates published in the 2011 Blue Book.

ONS apologises for this.

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